How to Remove Detergent Pac Residue from Clothes

Are you having trouble with your laundry detergent pods not dissolving all the way? Are they leaving residue on your clothing after the wash cycle? We can help!

Why does this happen? 

The detergent pod can have trouble dissolving all the way if the washer is overloaded. Over filling the machine can cause a problem where there isn't enough water for the pac to fully dissolve. Read about best practices for using Dropps Laundry Pods. 

Here’s how to remove detergent residue:

  • Rinse immediately with warm water. The pacs need sufficient water and agitation in order to dissolve properly. The residue can easily be removed by rinsing it with warm water, or by putting it back in the washing machine (without detergent) and repeating the cycle.
  • Do not place the item in your dryer if you notice residue on any items of clothing.

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