How do I use Dropps Laundry Detergent Pods?

Dropps laundry pods are compatible with all washers (HE & standard, front loaders and top loaders), all fabrics, all colors, and all temperatures. Dropps are safe for hard water, soft water, grey water systems, and septic tanks. 

1. Use with dry hands only. Add detergent capsule directly into the back of the washer drum BEFORE adding clothes. For front loading washers: Do not place in the dispenser drawer.

2. Add clothes & start machine.
3. Reseal package & store out of reach of children and pets.
Do not unwrap or cut open. Pac dissolves completely to release deep cleaning detergent. 
Use one pac for regular wash load. For extra large loads or high capacity machines, use 2 pacs. 
For Best Results:
  • Use warm water. Detergent pods should be used in wash cycles with a washing temperature of 86 degrees or higher. Pacs will dissolve in cold water, however it will take a bit more time. 
  • Use one pac per load & place it at the back of the washer drum before adding your clothes.  Pacs should not be cut or torn open (they are designed to dissolve entirely in water).
  • Do not overload the washing machine. If there are too many items in your machine, the ratio of water to clothes may be off and pac may not be mixed with enough water to fully dissolve. Overfilling your washing machine will not allow your laundry to be washed properly. 

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